Welcome Back.

Mariah Parker

It feels good to be back at Wilson. The real world made me feel, well, it made me feel like an old geezer.

Traveling from Asheville to Raleigh to Florida and back, I spent hours in the airport watching people pluck away at their little touchscreens. The man next to me on the plane back from Ft. Lauderdale spent the bulk of the flight showing me all the apps on his phone, none of which I recall but all of which I found oddly impractical. I usually don’t even have a regular cell phone, let alone an iRobot. I was polite, though, humoring the man until finally he pulled out his tablet to watch a Vin Diesel flick.

Then, as I got off the plane, a chill hit me as I realized how behind the times I feel, living at Wilson.

And now you’re probably wondering, how could the Echo’s so-called Multimedia Editor be so averse to technology? Aren’t you supposed to be cutting edge or something?

These are fair questions, and I’ll admit: if I had a smartphone, I’d probably be on it all the time, too. I am, however, really big on mix-and-matching. I like playing WordDynamo, sure, but I also like the brisk trek up Ballfield Hill that phoneless friend-finding entails. And any Outdoor Leadership major can tell you the value of experiential learning: you could follow your GoogleMap directions to Mount Pisgah, or you could follow the road signs that are right in fucking front of you.

Don’t get me wrong— both worlds, digital and analog, can teach us volumes. In fact, that’s what makes Reverb so much fun: we venn-diagram the Wilson world and the world-at large; we bring the story of the Wilson auto mechanic and the Sustainable Ag major to the digital stream.

If you ask me, it’s a union that’s long overdue.

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