Why You Should Know About the What Should WWC Call Me Tumblr

They are a few tumblr blog’s out there that do a great job of summing up the Wilson experience, but recently a particular tumblr has wiggled its way through the Wilson community thanks to everyone sharing with their friends on facebook.

The tumblr is What Should Warren Wilson College Call me and in a word its hilarious. Although it was only set up in September it has already made an impression of the virtual Wilson community. The tag for the tumblr sums it up perfectly. "I’m a undergraduate at the hippie commune we endearingly call a college. This exists for your amusement. Enjoy Owls"

No one knows who is responsible for the tumblr but whoever it is, they’ve got art of expressing the oddities of Wilson down to a fine science.

What Should WWC Call Me is full of gifs and sayings that pin point the funny quirks of Wilson perfectly so if you haven’t seen it yet this is our shout out to the amazing thing that is What Should WWC Call Me and you should go check it out, you’ll be laughing for days.