#WWCtree Tattoo Contenst

This year the Class of 2014’s senior gift is also a contest! MaggieMae Farthing and I worked with the College Press to print some temporary #WWCtree tattoos  that can be bought for only three bucks! Once you buy and apply one of these  guys, post your photos to facebook, instagram, and twitter with the hashtag #WWCtree in order to enter the contest—yes, there’s a prize! These babies are  coming out the week before spring break in hopes that you guys will take them on
your road trips and post some crazy, exotic photos of where you’re visiting this  break. We’ll pick a winner based on overall creativity, i.e. not just based on a  pretty landscape, so no matter where you are try to find unique, weird and different ways to pose with your #WWCtree tattoo.

Not only will these  tattoos make you look fly, but the money we raise will go towards the senior gift to the WWC Fund, which supports 80% of students thorough scholarships! Warren Wilson College has given us so much during our time here, and this is a  really fun and easy way for us to give back! This is by far the coolest senior gift yet, so make sure you buy your #WWCtree tattoo at the bookstore or during lunch and participate in this easy way to give back to your school.

- Written by Matthew Grier